Katalin Ladik: Retrospective Exhibitions

Katalin Ladik (1942, Novi Sad) poet, actress, performance artist. She started to write 
poems in 1962 as a member of the Új Symposion Group. She graduated from the Economic High School of Novi Sad and then she joined the Theatrical studio of the Novi Sad School of Theatrical Arts. From 1963 till 1977 she worked for the Radio of Novi Sad and then between 1977-1992 as an actor at the Novi Sad Theatre. He played major roles in TV and movie films working with film directors such as Miklós Jancsó, György Harag, Gábor Székely and Tibor Csizmadia. Since her first publication she has published 9 volumes of poetry and one novel. Her poetry books have been translated into Serb, Croatian, English, French and Italian, and selected poems were translated into Spanish, German, Polish, Bulgarian Hindi and Chinese. Parallel with written poems she creates phonetic poems and visual poems, writes and performs experimental music and sound plays, she is also an artist and performer. Her sound poetry, action art, performances and happenings, and her visual works (image poems-collages, mail art) are internationally recognised. Her retrospective exhibitions (Novi Sad, November 2010 and Székesfehérvár, May 2011) attracted the attention of the international artist community worldwide. She is a member of the Hungarian Writers' Association, the Hungarian Belletrist Association, the Association of Hungarian Creative Artists and the Hungarian Pen Club. She has earned various Hungarian awards including the ''Kassák Lajos'' Award (1991), the award of ''Mikes Kelemen Kör'' (Association for Hungarian Art, Literature and Science in the Netherlands) (2000), the ''József Attila'' Award (2001) and the National Award for Culture of the Republic of Serbia (2009). She's been living in Budapest since 1992.